Tailor-made software systems

for companies that dare to work differently

Software designed to evolve with your needs

so the company can continue to grow

We are there for the visionaries. For companies with a clear long-term vision. The innovators. Who see new opportunities and are eager to respond to these. Companies that stand out in the market.

If you have ideas that are different from the ‘standard’ ones in the industry, you need a software system that automates and digitizes all unique company processes. No compromises. No limitations. So the company can continue its development. Just as you envisioned.

Software that allows your company to grow

We know only far too well how stressful it can be to opt for a tailor-made system. It is a substantial investment. You are purchasing something that has not even been built yet. How can you be sure the system will meet your expectations?

Like you, we dare to be different from other suppliers in our industry. Consciously so, with a clear vision. Because we believe that developing tailor-made software can be done differently.


A clear and detailed quotation without unspecified items

Clear price

A fixed pre-set all-in price. No surprises.

Joining forces

We run the whole process together. You need us to build the software. We need you just as much. To build exactly what helps your company move forward.


We like short lines. I-TeQ employees are consultants and developers all in one. You will be in contact with an assigned partner who will guide, build and support the entire process.

Logistics and Rentals

Our tailor-made software is especially designed for companies in the logistics and rental industry. We have combined all our knowledge and experience in these industries. The logistics software is called Mitoz, for the rental industry we have Kratoz.

With I-TeQ software your company will never burst at the seams

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Do you have a logistics or rental company? With ideas and processes that are not well served by standard automation solutions?

We will happily visit you at your offices for a free introduction. THE start of a successful partnership!