About I-TeQ


I-TeQ has been supplying software systems for twenty years, mainly to the logistic and the rental sector. The company was founded based on the idea that ICT could be and should be organized in a different way. This idea is the basis of our approach as to today. Everything comes back to the question “Why are we doing what we are doing?”. This was the most important question that we answered during the foundation of our company. We strongly believe that we should not decide what our customers are in need of, but we should listen to the client and what they specifically need. Only in this way we can meet our customers’ wishes and can they meet, thanks to our smart IT-solutions, their customers’ requirements. In this way we are making a difference in our market and we will continue to do so.


Our main activities (brands) Kratoz and Mitoz:

Besides these main activities we are also supplying specific tailor-made solutions for other markets.

Rental software that makes a difference

You are an ambitious player on the rental market. You are aware of the fact that you can optimize your business processes. Available stock, stock rotation and logistic planning matched to each other perfectly. But does such software actually exists?

rental software

Logistic software that makes a difference

You are an ambitious logistic service supplier. You are aware of the fact that good software is indispensable for your business processes. Total and actual insight in your clients, transport planning and calculations of files, matched to each other perfectly, would that be possible?

logistic software