Marc van Vossen, current managing director of I-TeQ, was one of the founders of the company in 1996. What bothered the founders was the big gap between customer's expectations and software suppliers. The gap was caused by:
  • Insufficient transparency in the commercial phase and the implementation phase
  • The limited possibilities of development tools
  • Open ends in pricing of software
  • Lack of flexibility of standard software solutions

Just after the foundation of I-TeQ we introduced the 4-pillar system that we are using as to today: total transparency, excellent tools, tailor-made concept and an organization without layers. In this way you will exactly know what to expect in the commercial phase.

In the past years both the client portfolio as well as our number of staff have grown gradually. However, we never lost the small-scale thoughts and the enthusiasm to build the best system for your company. We are proud of the fact that both clients and our staff are still with us as from the start of our company and that they are extremely involved.