Software that keeps pace with the

dynamics of logistics

The dynamics of the logistics industry require automation that is flexible. That can evolve with you. Always.

Mitoz, our software system for the logistics industry, is that flexible solution. Software that develops along with you, so you never feel ‘restricted’.

Only what you need

You determine what the system looks like. What processes are there? What links do you require? Which data are you steering on? We only build what benefits you.

Efficient and flexible

Reinventing the wheel for every new customer is not how we are wired. We reuse existing modules smartly. Using quality tools, we merge them. Once we have built a new module, we add it to our library. Efficient and flexible.


We build in short sprints and deliver the software periodically (weekly?). You will see the system grow rapidly whilst keeping control of the process.

Adaptation and expansion

After Mitoz goes live, the system can always be adapted and expanded. So you can anticipate to any changes in the market as well as fresh perspectives within the company.


We always consider the outcome as our starting point. What are your requirements? And how can we achieve those? We enter into a close partnership with each of our customers. To build exactly that software package that integrates all your requirements as well as those of your clients.

Just a few of our logistic solutions

In a standard software package, you have to make do with options for the average company. We do not build for average companies. We focus on companies that dare to do things differently. For companies where exceptions are common.
Can you identify with this? Let your software system be an incentive for growth. Not for limitation.

A few of our tailor-made systems:

  • Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Forwaring Management System (FMS)
  • Advanced Planning System (APS)
  • Supply chain
  • Graphic trip planning
  • Order management
  • Workflow
  • Barcode / RFID
  • On-board computers
  • Fleet Management
  • Quality & Performance

Want to know more?

Mitoz is a flexible software system for logistics that is tailor-made fully in line with your requirements. A system that allows you to keep growing!