Anouska de Bruijn

Anouska is an ambitious, all-round mentor and advisor for both the management team and employees on a variety of strategic and operational issues. In several organizations she has set up and developed Human Resource Management on her own. Anouska tackles every challenge with verve, she advises Marc and ensures a sound human resources organization that fits our company culture.

Anouska is perseverant and always strives for a balance between the organization and its employees. As such, she contributes to the development of her colleagues and simultaneously to the growth of this ambitious company. Connecting and bringing out the potential of people and the organization is what drives her and gives her pleasure. She is also the proud mother of a son and is very fond of her Great Dane.

With her family she lives in a beautiful listed property from the 18th century, which they are restoring single-handedly. The family spends a lot of their free time on this. Anouska also doesn’t shy away from athletic challenges, which she regularly undertakes with her Great Dane. Furthermore, Anouska can completely lose herself in music, at home with the record player, or during a concert.