Jan Willem Visser

The ever-good-humoured Jan Willem, with his long grey hair, is almost literally one of the old wise men within the I-TeQ team. Jan Willem has been with I-TeQ since the start of the company and, as a project coordinator and system analyst, he uses his considerable experience every day to tackle the ICT challenges of customers.

Since 1998, with pride and joy, Jan Willem has been working on the development of customized solutions for I-TeQ customers for whom a standard system is not the right fit. While in the early years his focus was mainly on technology, nowadays Jan Willem is also the ideal brainstorming partner for finding solutions for automation issues in a broad sense, as well as those of a technical nature. Because of his extensive experience in the technical field and his years of experience with I-TeQ customers in rental services and logistics, he is the ideal link between the I-TeQ customers and the team of enthusiastic colleagues who translate this into customized systems. Jan Willem has virtually guided all of them.

Whether a specific customer problem needs to be mapped out, a session is needed to gain inspiration on the many possibilities of the I-TeQ systems, or to brainstorm on location in order to lift a current automation solution to a higher level, Jan Willem is the right person to support you. He draws on many years of experience and is able to quickly grasp the specific situation and/or wishes of the customer.

Whenever the air in the building of I-TeQ fills with the aroma of coffee, you can be sure that Jan Willem is around. Always ready for a chat, an update of the planning, happy to give technical or other support to colleagues; a jack-of-all-trades and a fine colleague who always sees to it that the I-TeQ engine keeps running smoothly.

In his spare time, Jan Willem is father, husband and also parent of a tortoise. Every working day, just before he gets on his bicycle to ride to I-TeQ with his headphones on, Jan Willem derives great pleasure from the family turtle Stoffel. Stoffel has been in the family for more than 50 years and Jan Willem is rightly proud of that. Relaxation? Sitting by the fireplace with a drink, while listening to his impressive music collection, is his ideal pastime.