Why I-TeQ


Why are we doing what we are doing?”. This was the most important question that we answered during the foundation of our company. We strongly believe that we should not decide what our customers are in need of, but we should listen to the client and what they specifically need. Only in this way we can meet our customers’ wishes and can they meet, thanks to our smart IT-solutions, their customers’ requirements. In this way we are making a difference in our market and we will continue to do so.


How are we doing that? 

Because your wishes are top of mind in our organization, we will keep you closely involved during the development phase of the software. Your input during the process is essential. You will speak directly with our experienced analysts/developers and you will see the creation of the tailor made software in front of your eyes. At the time that the software will be implemented we will have taken care of all possible obstacles. Your system will be fully tailor-made to your company and instantly usable.

What can you expect?

Very flexible and scalable software that is, even in this rapid changing world, future proof. Software that actually contributes to the development of your company and that perfectly matches to your changing business processes and market changes. Software that can follow the company's growth so that you never have to feel captured by the limitations of the software. In a nutshell: software that we will integrate seamlessly in order to let your company excel.


That depends on you; in any case it starts with making a non-binding appointment. Finally a warning upfront: in most cases our clients are highly enthusiastic about the possibilities that leads to more requirements than they actually need. Rest assured: our approach is phase based and as soon as bottlenecks in your process are becoming reality it will be easy for us to expand your software. In this way you will only invest in what you actually need at that time but allows you to continue to make a difference in your business!